We provide first class services to the LNG marine supply chain

Cleaner Energy Transportation.


Our mission at Minerva Gas is to provide sustainable, reliable, and high quality services, to our partners in the maritime industry.


Our experienced team of Marine Superintendents is responsible for overseeing and managing all HSQ related activities in order to ensure compliance with all policies, regulations, procedures and processes of our Company’s controlled documentation and industry requirements, ensuring the safe, and efficient fleet ship management. The department ensures the compliance of our managed vessels with international regulations.


Our Operations department is committed to providing day to day support to our managed Vessels and Charterers, ensuring the timely delivery of each cargo safely, whilst implementing operational excellency, careful voyage planning and optimization, as well as efficient gas management.


Our Commercial team is responsible for the continuous promotion of our company and managed fleet leading to the employment of our managed vessels on either spot or period charters.


Our Technical Department holds the overall responsibility to ensure that our managed fleet is kept in optimal technical condition, and in compliance with statutory provisions through Planned Maintenance Systems and the Company’s manuals.


Our Newbuilding Site Supervision team is responsible for the oversight and monitoring of the Company’s Principals’ new building projects and vessel construction ensuring compliance with contracted terms, quality, safety standards, costs and timelines.

Marine Personnel

Our Marine Personnel department is responsible for all activities related to the recruitment, selection and employment of competent and qualified seafarers. We make sure to follow the most stringent LNG industry requirements, culminating the safe operation of our managed fleet.


The Company works with ATHINA Maritime Learning and Development Center. ATHINA is manned by competent and experienced trainers and is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities and marine simulators. It provides advanced training to seafarers, which in turn upgrades the quality of the provided ship management services.

Energy & Environmental

Our Energy and Environment department is responsible for establishing, maintaining and monitoring the implementation of our Energy & Environmental Management System (EEMS) and strategy. Our competent team continuously monitors the energy/fuel efficiency and environmental aspects/impacts of our operations, the compliance with the applicable energy and environmental regulations/standards  and sets in place the necessary programs, targets and action plans to continually enhance the  energy and environmental performance of our managed fleet.