Health, Safety & Quality

MINERVA GAS Inc. aims to ensure safe, efficient and flawless operations.

Environmental Protection & Energy Efficiency

MINERVA GAS Inc. aims to protect the environment by ensuring pollution-free, environmentally friendly and energy efficient operations.

Drug & Alcohol

MINERVA GAS Inc. recognises that alcohol, drug, or other substance abuse by employees may impair their ability to perform properly and could have an adverse effect on the safety and efficiency of operations.


MINERVA GAS Inc. aims to ensure security for personnel, vessels and property.

Cyber Security

MINERVA GAS Inc. aims to ensure safe and secure operations, resilient to cyber risks.

Social Responsibility

MINERVA GAS Inc. aims to operate in a socially responsible manner, ensuring the safety of people and the environment, through transparent and ethical behaviour.

Social Media

MINERVA GAS Inc. recognizes the value of social media and expects all employees to use these tools responsibly, protecting Company’s reputation, as they would in traditional media.


This Policy has been issued to provide a mean for employees and seafarers to raise concerns that cannot be, or have not been, adequately addressed via usual reporting channels, without fear of retaliation or discrimination over such reports made in good faith.

Harassment & Bullying

MINERVA GAS INC. is committed to providing a working environment free from bullying and harassment.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Code provides basic guidelines regarding the minimum requirements expected by the Individuals and reflects the Company’s core values and commitment to manage its business with integrity.


MINERVA GAS Inc. aims to provide sustainable LNG transportation services by takings active responsibility for the society and environment we operate in, recognizing that business development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.